A puddler mounted on a tractor is used for puddling. To make a uniform field that can contain water, these puddlers aid in blending and compacting the top layer of soil. Rice growing is made possible by a field that is created by puddling.

Puddling is beneficial for:

  • Maintaining a constant water level to encourage the growth of rice plants.
  • It aids in weed control by burying weeds beneath compacted soil.
  • Incorporating organic matter and nutrients to improve soil fertility and structure.
  • Preventing soil erosion by generating a water-retentive, smooth surface.
  • Enhancing the ease of planting, cultivating, and harvesting rice to increase total farming efficiency.

The John Deere Puddler Leveller is one of the best puddling tools available today, and it may help you enhance your rice cultivation and boost your productivity.

Puddler Leveler-PL1017 by John Deere

The puddler class includes this tractor-mounted tool. The required PTO power category for this implement is 44 HP. It means that it can quickly connect to any tractor and generate 44 HP of PTO power.

You may use this amount of power to smooth out the field and retain moisture, which is crucial for growing rice, by precisely mixing the top soil layer.

The John Deere puddler is the best in its category among its rivals because it is backed by John Deere's high standards for quality. This has excellent blades that are suitable for all kinds of terrain. You may increase your crop yield and raise the quality of your harvest to help farmers in the market make more money. For additional information on this John Deere Puddler leveller, please visit tractor junction.